Why Knowing Your Clients Can Make All the Difference for Your Small Business

As an IT company, we here at Istanbul Information Technology spend a lot of time helping our clients develop their web presence. It’s no secret that making sure your customers can find you on the internet is a crucial part of modern business, but what exactly goes into a successful online identity?

Most people would recommend building out a website, staying active on social media, and engaging with your customers via email — ourselves included. All of that is a great start, but for small businesses looking to stand out in a saturated market, it often takes a little more.

To truly stand out from the competition, we recommend investing in online customer reviews. Read on to find out why they’re so important.

Online Reviews Build Trust in Your Brand

Research shows 94% of buyers turn to online reviews before making a purchase. Whether it’s a restaurant, hotel, e-commerce site, or B2B provider, consumers are in the habit of checking up on feedback from previous customers to inform their decision.

If your business has thorough, positive online reviews to back your products and services up, it builds a sense of trust between you and your potential client. When you can demonstrate that others have been satisfied with your business, it encourages customers to take the leap with yours.

They Help You Build Rapport

Other than building up confidence in your products, online reviews also help establish an open line of communication between you and your customers. Since most online review platforms allow you to respond to reviews — both negative and positive — you have the opportunity to show your client base you’re concerned with their satisfaction.

It also shows some accountability. If you receive a negative review, you can make help make it clear to your customers how you plan to adjust and improve. As for positive reviews, a simple thank you can go a long way in encouraging your clients to return!

Popular Online Review Platforms

There are plenty of reasons why small businesses should start investing in their online reputations via online reviews. And depending on your business, you can direct your customers to a multitude of places.

You’re probably familiar with Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Google, or you could get in touch with an IT professional — like Istanbul Information Technology — to learn how you can feature reviews right on your own website!

For B2B vendors like us, we like to send our customers to a platform called Clutch. It’s similar to other review platforms, with company rankings based on industry research as well as client feedback.

If you’re trying to find an IT provider who can help with your online reputation, reach out today. We’re excited to help you explore your options!


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